Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

January 28, 2019

Could falling off a horse be a positive childhood memory? It’s actually one of Bear’s best and most meaningful ones. Not only did he fall hard on wet and cold sand, but his father also laughed at him. What it taught him, was that success doesn’t come easy.

Few people know Bear didn’t make the SAS cut the first time. After months of intensive training and arduous efforts, he failed. Remembering his horse-riding lesson, he tried again and the rest, as they say, is history.

For most people, success comes after very hard work. Three out of four successful entrepreneurs worked for other people for years before starting their own businesses and many of their first businesses failed.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.

Bear has never been afraid of failure, and you shouldn’t be either. Not only that – you should embrace failure because it means you’ve tried.

Some people hesitate signing up to our family courses, over fear of slipping up or not doing well in front of their children, but embracing that fear and doing it anyway will not only leave you with a sense of accomplishment but (whatever the outcome) setting an example and teaching your children that fear is something to be embraced, is one of the best gifts any parent can give! Need more inspiration? Forbes offers advice with a useful list of practical ways to conquer your fears!


Our family adventures, created by Bear and his team of hand-picked instructor, encourage families to work together on carefully designed survival challenges, while learning Bear’s key survival techniques (including how to purify water, how to make a fire, how to navigate at night and how to build a shelter); with UK experiences offered in the Brecon Beacons, South Downs and Dartmoor.