Being Invisible When Your Life Depends On It

February 27, 2019

When your life depends on staying undetected from other people and concealment is essential, these tips will give you your best chance! The elements you need to consider (and conceal) are Shape, Shine, Smell, Shadow and Sound

Stay low and break up the distinctive outline of the human figure with branches and leaves.
Try to avoid walking on a ridge which will expose your silhouette, instead walk just below it.
Rub mud on any bright or obvious clothing and gear.


Cover any metal which might be prone to glare, with mud or remove them if possible (watch, boot ringlets, clips on your bag, etc)
Apply mud to your face but don't overdo it- a face caked in mud if often more noticeable- use just enough to remove the glisten.

Your smell will also betray you long before you are seen or heard.
Eat all food raw, as the smell of fire and cooked food will carry.


Move at night, so avoid shadows giving you away.

Move slowly and purposefully so as not to attract attention

Being mindful of the five S's could mean the difference between Survival and Surrender!

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