Moving Mountains: BGSA Brings Mt. Everest to Indoor Venues!

November 11, 2019

Synonymous with outdoor adventure since its launch in 2012, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) is bringing the same pace, challenge and excitement teams have come to expect from outdoor BGSA events to indoor venues starting this November!

Mount Everest in Nepal is the world’s highest mountain peak standing at a mighty 8,848 metres and has long been an aspirational summit for adventurers from around the globe. Its size, remote location and staggering beauty don’t hide the fact that it is also one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Now Bear and the team at BGSA are bringing a taste of that adrenaline back to the UK.

Bear Grylls was the youngest Brit at the time to reach the summit and BGSA is making it possible for teams of all sizes and abilities across the country to work together to reach the SUMMIT too! The journey will take you on the famed mountain itself where you will face extreme conditions which, if not properly prepared, can lead to dire medical emergencies. The process of making the summit isn’t just about physical endurance, however – this is also an adventure of strategy. Your team will have to make critical decisions around fundraising, equipment packing and route planning – where one seemingly minor choice can be the difference between success and the ultimate failure!

In this indoor team building activity, teams of 6-10 are encouraged to work together to face these challenges head on – racing to be the first not only to reach the summit but also to return back down safely. Achieving stronger communication skills, enhancing your teams strategic planning, teamwork, team building and becoming better leaders, also whilst reinforcing delegation and motivation, are just a few of the learning outcomes which are delivered in "Summit" – all while learning what it takes to summit the highest mountain in the world! Are you ready to conquer the challenge?

SUMMIT is a 2.5hr long indoor team building activity, tailored to any size group and any venue with all equipment included in the package. Rates are as low as £50 per person (for groups of 100+).