Adventure is STILL out there!

November 26, 2020

Just because the days are darker and colder as we head into Winter, the option of venturing outdoors is not off the cards!

The first thing to remember is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad attitude towards it! Winter is a great time to head outside and with Bear's Priorities of Survival in mind, you're going to have so much fun (and learn a few survival skills along the way)!

PROTECTION: Your first consideration is the clothing you wear – think of a layering system where you can add clothes to make yourself warm but also what you could take away if you need to. As always don't forget your waterproofs, but skin is waterproof too!

RESCUE: Test your navigation skills by looking to the skies!

In the northern hemisphere, look for a distinctive winter constellation – Orion. He is easy to spot as there are 3 prominent stars more or less equal distance apart in a line and that is Orion’s belt. Under his belt there is 3 start that represent his sword. When the stars of Orion’s sword are vertical in the night sky, and you are facing him, you are facing South.

Raised Image

Orions Belt in the Northern Hemisphere CREDIT: The Open University & National Geographic Society Newsroom

In the southern hemisphere, scan the skies for one of the brightest constellations - the Southern Cross (or ‘Crux’). This video illustrates how easy it is to find South...

Finding Due South in the Southern Hemisphere

WATER: You need a minimum of 2 litres per day to keep hydrated. Next time it rains, see if you can be as resourceful as Bear by collecting as much rainwater as you can in a bucket or build your own rain catcher!

FOOD: You don’t have to stop having barbeques just because it’s a bit cooler outside. Wrap a jacket potato in foil and cook them on a small fire with wrapped banana for dessert!

Get out there and as always... NEVER GIVE UP!