Slow Time Down By Doing More

April 12, 2019

Weekend breaks and family holidays matter - they are a chance to step away from day-to-day life to reconnect with those we love most. What's more, it's even true that the more we do with our families, the longer the time with them will last! David Baddiel puts it so well in his piece in Tatler, where he says "time is like flowing water - to stop it moving at great speed, you have to put things in its way. You have to fill the days to slow them down".

Aside from creating long-lasting memories for both you and your children, the benefits of a time-out don't stop there. Taking a break from deadlines and high-pressure environments also fights stress, shifting irritable, depressed or anxiety-ridden moods to ones that are more calm and relaxed - making you not only a nicer person to be around (!) but it leaves you feeling ready to return to everyday life, with renewed vigor.

"Adventure brings people together in a totally unique way, and it gives a confidence and a pride that money cant buy. All the fluffy side of life like smart clothes and polite conversation gets blown away and you form very real, honest and vulnerable friendships with people. When you are scared together and come through it you form special bond - Courage changes us all!"
Bear Grylls

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