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Summit - Take your team to the top of the world!

Mt Everest or Chomolungma, meaning “Goddess Mother of the World” is the world’s highest mountain peak standing at a mighty 8848 metres. Its size, remote location and staggering beauty don’t hide the fact that it has long been known as one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Yet still, since it was established as the highest point on earth almost 170 years ago, people have wanted to concur its slopes and stand on its summit, Bear Grylls to name one, in fact, the youngest Brit at the time to do so.

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Everest Base Camp

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Reaching the Summit

This is the chance for your team to summit Everest. Has your company got the skills, resources, logistical planning strategy, commitment and determination to summit the highest mountain in the world. In this Bear Grylls style indoor, table top event, you will be pitted against other teams in a race to summit. However, good planning and preparation will lead to a more efficient and effective summit attempt which will no doubt put your team on the summit first and importantly get all members back down again alive.

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Priority Planning

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Fund Raising

In any expedition you are bound to come across significant challenges due to the nature of adventure. If not resolved quickly these problems could easily become life threatening. The ability to stay calm, focus, come up with solutions and execute your plan as a team effectively and efficiently, could be that fine line between success and failure (or even in an extreme survival situation, life or death). Your teams task will be to work through your Everest expedition over several stages including fundraising, planning, problem solving, team selection, logistics and dealing with medical, high altitude emergencies. There will also be a range of challenges for your selected "climbers" including the O2 fitness test and the frost bite challenge!

The package includes all equipment to summit the mountain and is based on a 2.5hr workshop.

Has your team got what it takes to Summit Everest?

Across my 15 years in the corporate pharmaceutical industry,I have attended many ‘team building’ events, however the bear grylls ‘summit’ was one of the best,if not the best event I have attended. This was fundamentally down how the event was designed and more critically delivered. The mixture of team, individual, analytical & physical activities ensured that the session was inclusive for all participants. This created a highly stimulating, engaging and team environment. A big well done to Mark who lead the event with knowledge, energy & passion.The two & half hours flew!
Jay, Galderma
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I can’t choose a highlight. All of it was a great laugh! The activities were great and team-bonding
Ash, Trojan Training Systems
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