Bear Grylls Survival Academy’s Ultimate Team Building Courses

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Bear Grylls Survival Academy’s Ultimate Team Building Courses, specifically tailored to the corporate world, are high energy bespoke courses unlike any other outdoor based experiences – driving participants to work smarter, not harder. Ideally suited to organisations looking for results-driven team building, staff incentives and corporate events, the Ultimate Team Building Courses bring people face to face with a little bit of healthy Bear Grylls danger!

The innovative courses offer unique experiences that challenge and test the all-round strength and determination of participants with incredibly rewarding results for individuals and a more dynamic team for organisations. Designed by Bear Grylls, the courses are led by his team of official Survival Academy instructors who have worked alongside him in challenging environments around the globe. Locations are either sourced by the Bear Grylls Survival Academy team to suit the business needs or the courses tailored to suit a chosen location.

Comprising of a combination of remote land and water survival and adventure team tasks that culminate in a wilderness expedition designed to put the enrollees’ new found skills to the ultimate test. Techniques learned on the course include building and lighting fires, building emergency shelters, knife use for survival, rappelling, extreme weather survival, river crossings and, more famously, foraging for grubs and rodents as part of Bear’s ‘gross eat’ challenge. For the ultimate experience enrollees can enter theatre by speed boat, a Bear Grylls style helicopter drop off or hover jump, or by travelling across challenging terrain in a 4×4.

Each course is tailor-made to meet the objectives and budgets of every business – whether it is an incentive experience, a team building exercise for staff or management and leadership development. The courses can be anything from a few hours, a full day, overnight or even longer periods depending what businesses set out to achieve.

Bear says, “Everything I have learnt about business was first learnt from the wild – trust, risk management, going that extra mile, dynamic teamwork and honest communication. There is nothing like trying to light a fire or cross a river to force you to re-engage some left brain initiative and right brain ‘calm in the storm. This course is aimed to be fun, exciting, bonding and memorable. I also want to empower enrollees to learn some core skills that not only might save a life, but will undoubtedly help teams gel, resourcefulness increase and pride swell through embracing a little bit of healthy Bear Grylls adrenalin!” He adds, “Oh, and it may hurt a little.”

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Team Building Courses are available in the UK, USA, UAE and Australia, with plans for future courses being offered in Ireland, South Africa and France.

Adventure Day Courses Launched in Utah and Vegas

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The Bear Grylls Survival Academy has announced their expansion in the United States, with the launch of brand new Adventure Day Courses, in Las Vegas, Nevada and Central Utah, at Big Rock Candy Mountain; in partnership with Awesome Adventures.

In just four hours, participants on the new courses will learn potentially life-saving survival skills and take part in dynamic rope work; not only challenging active families and groups, but creating an opportunity to share a truly memorable and fun experience.

Designed by Bear Grylls and his team of survival experts, the courses are led by his team of official Survival Academy instructors and are designed with the whole family in mind. Activities on the course include fire lighting, shelter building, knife skills and safety, improvised wilderness first aid, high rope work, crossing difficult terrain and zip lining. Custom itineraries are available for team building groups, or groups which have specific demands or requirements.

Sevier River Challenge: Utah
Participants on the Sevier River Challenge are put through their paces navigating lush forests and crossing running rivers; all while surrounded by spectacular geology of Big Rock Candy Mountain. Launching in May 2015, this course is designed for participants aged 8 years and older and costs $50 per person. Big Rock Candy Mountain is located in Central Utah on Historic Heritage Highway 89, just 7 miles off Interstate 70, on the border between Sevier and Piute Counties.

Adventure Day Course: Nevada
Experiencing the Bear Grylls survival elements in one day, this family- friendly adventure is great for all ages over 8 and is hosted in one of the most hostile environments on the planet, with heat, a lack of water and few natural shelters in the Valley of Fire. Located in Overton, NV, approximately 1 hour from the Las Vegas Strip, this course (launching in September 2015) is designed for participants aged over 8 years old and costs $129.00 per person, including round trip transportation from the Las Vegas Strip and a boxed lunch.


New 24 Hour Family Course Launches in Doncaster, UK

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First family course to take place in Dearne Valley in June 2015

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy is proud to launch a new site in Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire for its popular 24 Hour Family Course. Designed to inspire fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy offers a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques.

The 24 Hour Family Course, based at Kingswood’s Dearne Valley centre, will comprise of a combination of survival skills and adventure tasks designed to put participants to the test. Spread across grassland, woodland and wetland, Dearne Valley creates the perfect environment for an unforgettable Bear-Grylls-style family adventure!
Techniques taught will include learning how to build and light a fire, how to navigate at night, best ways to use a knife for survival, foraging for grubs and rodents, building a shelter, extreme weather survival and river crossings. The Academy has been designed for parents and 10-17 year old children by Bear Grylls and will be run by his close team of highly trained experts. It is the perfect opportunity to bring family members together to share a truly memorable and fun experience.

“As a father of three young boys I love sharing my survival techniques and going on family adventures together. It is not only exciting and fun but teaches them useful life and outdoor skills and what it really means to be able to look after yourself when the chips are down. So it is with great pride that we can now launch our 24 Hour Family Course in Dearne Valley as a great opportunity for parents to share these experiences with their children together.” says Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as the most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure, with experience gained during his seven seasons of Man vs. Wild/Born Survivor and the many skills learnt from his time with the British Reserve Special Forces.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Lead our USA Courses?

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Bear Grylls is calling all outdoor enthusiasts and budding adventurers in the USA, looking for a new and exciting challenge, to participate in the brand new Bear Grylls Survival Academy Instructor course launching in May 2015.


The intensive three day course is designed to train and ultimately recruit the next generation of instructors to join Bear’s existing pool of highly trained individuals who have worked alongside him around the globe.
Taking place in Catskills, New York State; the course teaches everything from self-protection, stalking and survival techniques to foraging, astro-navigation and river crossings ensuring a thorough knowledge of all that Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) encompasses. As continued professional development, there will be an introduction to wilderness first aid, maintenance and care of technical climbing equipment and the first step to a professional teaching qualification.


Aside from the exclusive opportunity to work alongside Bear’s world-class team as the Survival Academy grows on an international scale, passing the course provides a fully accredited, professional qualification that equips participants with the necessary skills for leadership consultancy or teaching, sports coaching and adventure training.


Upon completion of level one, candidates selected to officially join the Survival Academy will be able to set up survival situations/stances, assist with preparing lesson plans and act as a safety supervisor on all BGSA courses. Candidates will also receive membership to the British Institute for Outdoor Learning and Education, and be eligible to advance to levels two and three within Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses which provide a platform to gain a Mountain Leader qualification, and attaining a professional teaching award.


Bear Grylls comments, ‘As a result of growing worldwide demand, the Survival Academy requires an ever expanding pool of qualified instructors so it’s a natural progression for us to source individuals and equip them with a set of advanced survival skills by placing them in challenging situations. It’s not just for aspiring course instructors; anyone with a genuine passion for the outdoors and wants to further a career in this field can get involved.’

Surviving South Africa Takes on a New Meaning!

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The world’s foremost authority on all things survival, Bear Grylls, has teamed up with South Africa’s action/adventure specialists, Group73 to bring the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to South Africa.

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as the most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure, with experience gained through service in the British Special Forces and his countless missions to every area of extreme terrain the world has to offer. From the Emmy Award winning ‘Man vs. Wild’, to ‘Worst Case Scenario’ and ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ amongst others, his shows have amazed, inspired and captured the world’s attention.

He’s taken this knowledge and experience and applied it to a comprehensive, challenging and ultimately rewarding survival adventure course which will be offered throughout 2015 in SA. A wide variety of survival skills will be covered, expect some very ‘exotic’ snacks, breathtaking abseiling, a helicopter landing, astro-navigation and trap and snare skills to mention a few.

Here’s what Bear has to say about it:
“The Bear Grylls Survival Academy South Africa: An incredible location, with such a rich heritage. Over the (course of) 24 hours, you’re going to be learning how to survive in this challenging, but beautiful environment, with the expert help of our instructors. You are going to be using the open plains, challenging rock features, and the mountains, to run, crawl, climb and scramble your way over the terrain. It’s all about empowering you with dynamic, (and potentially) life-saving skills. You’re going to love it, enjoy.”

Group73 are no strangers to outdoor adventure and action either. From airborne adventures, to extreme action simulations and hands on consultation to the movie industry, they continue to apply their significant skill sets and experience to provide an unmatched service in their genre. Group73 instructors are highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in specialised units, including SA Special Forces, and are guaranteed to be amongst the most qualified and accomplished in their respective fields worldwide.

According to Craig Hicks, Group73’s Marketing Communication Manager, “Teaming up with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy is something we’re extremely proud of, and we guarantee an experience second to none.”

The inaugural event launch is on Saturday 2nd May 2015 at the majestic De Hoek Country Hotel, with the actual course taking place at Nooitgedacht, both in the mountainous Magaliesberg region of Gauteng in South Africa, approximately 45 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria. With a vast array of flora and fauna, including Giraffe, Zebra, Leopard, Nyala and Eland, this is the perfect setting for an event of this nature. The area also has a significant place in South African history with The Battle of Nooitgedacht taking place on December 13, 1900 during the Boer War.

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Young Survivor Level 1 Launches Three New UK Locations  

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Bear Grylls Survival Academy has teamed up with Kingswood to offer three unique new locations in which to deliver their outdoor adventure experiences.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Bear Grylls?
The Bear Grylls Survival Academy is proud to team up with Kingswood to offer lucky youngsters from across the UK a chance to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques in even more locations.

Continuing the success of the Kids Survival Day Courses and Young Survivor Level 1 Award, the team is now offering youngsters the opportunity to take part in the experiences at a range of great new locations, from North Wales to the Isle of Wight. The courses are designed to give kids the opportunity to get back to basics, learn new skills, get outdoors and stay active, all in fantastic and inspirational environments.

New Kids Survival Day Courses in Kent
Including a combination of survival skills and adventure tasks set by Bear and his team, the course is designed to put 8 to 13 year olds to the test while inspiring the next generation of adventurers and explorers!
From learning about natural foods, building a fire and navigating in the wilderness, to dynamic rescue techniques and building shelters, youngsters can gain invaluable skills and share a truly memorable and fun experience.

Young Survivor Level 1 Award in North Wales and the Isle of Wight
This award is a great combination of potentially life-saving survival techniques and four key focus modules: physical, mental, citizenship and environmental skills.

Written by Bear and his close personal team to bring out the best in 13 to 15 year olds, the award focuses on leadership, communication, team work, bravery and all key elements of Bear’s ethos. Participants will epitomise Bear’s priorities of self-rescue by navigating through caves, forests and challenging terrain back to civilisation on this immersive overnight experience.


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Australian Summer Welcomes BGSA Inaugural 24 Hour Family Course

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Nick Hall, Activities Manager, writes: “The last day of the Australian summer saw the very first Family 24 hour course run at Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures on the NSW Central Coast, and it threw up everything the Australian summer is renowned for!

In temperatures that reached as high as 38°c, adults and children learned and practiced skills that will keep you alive in a survival situation. In the high Aussie summer temperatures, a new appreciation was learnt for the priorities of survival, especially shelter options and water procurement.

The Wise family, who had Mum, Dad, son and daughter on the course had the time of their lives. Whilst they are regular campers, the survival skills taught on the BGSA 24 hour family course brought a new angle to future family holidays. “It was a new experience, I learnt tonnes of new stuff, climbed a cliff and abseiled for the first time, which was great” said 15 year old Zed Wise. Zed’s father Joshua included in his highlights “eating crickets and mealworms, sludging through mud and learning new fire starting techniques.”

The nice Central Coast evening was spent around the fire learning techniques like fish preparation and how to utilise the entire fish. Unfortunately we had no takers for the fish eye challenge, maybe next time!
After filling the stomach, methods of night navigation and night stalking were taught, and while the adults hung around the campfire, the children utilised these skills to stalk their parents and take advantage of their poor night vision around the flames.

Day 2 was spent learning self-rescue techniques like how to get up and down cliff faces, commando crawl over gullies and cross creeks and swamps. After the newly trained and very muddy survivors received their well-earned completion certificates, they were transported from the area to the Glenworth Valley offices for a very well earned slushy!”

With the great success of the inaugural Australian course, make sure you book in advance as spots are filling fast!

A Successful Launch for our Young Survivor Level 1 Awards Programme!

Read More A Successful Launch for our Young Survivor Level 1 Awards Programme!

UK – Tim Treloar writes: “Over the last few months we have seen the launch of our Bear Grylls Young Survivor courses. These courses have an outdoor survival focus, taking elements of Bears survival and life skills. Young Survivors put these skills into practice in testing situations throughout the course, experiencing self rescue situations such as cave rescue, natural navigation and lots more, taking them out of their comfort zone and developing good teamwork and leadership skills.

The Young Survivor level 1 Award has proved a huge success with children and young adults. The course is located in the central location of the Forest of Dean. It is a truly unique learning experience and focuses on the development of four key areas : physical, environmental, specialised outdoor knowledge and citizenship skills.

Participants leave the course , having  acquired a vast range of Bear’s survival skills, with a better understanding of how to live and cope in difficult situations that life can sometimes throw at you. This will hopefully enable Young Survivors to balance risks in life appropriately and go on to live a safe and healthy life!

We are all looking forward to seeing the Level 1 graduates on the Level 2 course in April 2015, where they will test the knowledge and skills learnt on the level 1 award during an expedition that sees them tackling mountains, caves and gorges full of water!”

The Level 1 and Level 2 Award Programmes are running in the Forest of Dean and Brecon Beacons throughout 2015, book your space HERE!

UAE launch course- sun, mountains and melting shoes!

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UAE- Don Fletcher writes; “After a cold, rainy winter spent in the UK and Germany I jetted off for a short trip to the UAE in order to launch our first ever Desert Survival Course based in Dibba on the East Coast of the Emirates.

On my first ever visit to the region I was hit initially by the unbelievable heat (even in January) but then also by the vast expanse of desert that covers the majority of the country. On arrival in Dibba I had a short time to catch up on sleep after a restless night on the plane, and before I knew it I was off into the mountains and Wadi’s with our knowledgeable local experts for a recce.

4 hours later, after losing around 6 litres of sweat, drinking 4 litres of water and after seeing about 300 goats we returned to base to what promised to be a truly amazing course. The majority of BGSA’s around the world, if not all, have some sort of water element-whether that is purification, river runs, lake crossings or having to keep the rain out of a shelter! In the mountains of the Musandam peninsular the issue is that there isn’t any water…..anywhere. Dried up river beds and reservoirs replace lakes and rivers, drought and scorching heat replaces mild temperatures and drizzle!


As the course begun, we could sense the excitement amongst the families to be part of the first ever BGSA in the region. This excitement was well placed, however we did hit a bit of a road block with half of the participants having issues with their mountain boots- the soles just melted off in the heat! After a short stop for some running repairs, we were off up into the Wadi learning about navigation, how to move safely in the mountains and how to protect yourself from dangerous creatures.

After a hearty dinner and a night sleeping under the stars, the team were ready to move early on the second morning and soon got stuck into the challenges ahead. This was followed by the group climbing, crawling, abseiling, running and traversing over obstacles to reach civilisation and more importantly- a nice cold shower!

The course was truly a success with big smiles all round, and we are now looking forward to running the courses over the next few months, or until the weather gets too hot!

The next day was spent recceing for potential corporate event venues, and more information about that will be coming in the next few weeks. On one such recce I did fall in love with a Mark 1 Land Rover Defender (see above) – a thing of real beauty!

The UAE is an amazingly varied country and I look forward to helping BGSA run successful courses here in the future”

The 24 hour adult and 24 hour family courses in Dibba are available now- click HERE for more information.

Looking forward to 2015….

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Don Fletcher writes; “As we come to the end of 2014, here at BGSA we thought that we would have a quick round up on our busiest year yet!

At the beginning of the year we were running only a handful of courses in only 2 locations in the UK. Now, in December, we have 10 locations in 3 countries around the world running successful for children, families and adults too. Over the past year we have built upon the strong foundations that Scott and the team spent so long putting together and really started to refine what we truly believe are the most exciting courses of their kind on the planet.

So what does 2015 have in store? Well! In January members of the BGSA head office are heading all over the world to launch courses in China, the UAE, South Africa and Australia to develop our 24 hour family and adult courses in different locations across the world. This is a cause of great excitement here in the office, with the team looking forward to a bit of sunshine to get rid of some of the January blues!

Closer to home we are looking forward to rolling out the Young Survivor Level 2, along with the 24 hour adult course at our location in the Brecon Beacons with several new locations being scouted in the north of England.

Here’s to a great year, here at BGSA we wish you all a Merry Christmas and an adventurous and exciting 2015!”