This course allowed me to really challenge myself both Physically and Mentally. I will never forget the strength of feelings that this course brought out in me. I saw only the best in people around me, well beyond my expectations. The course did far more than it could ever 'put on the tin'. The Bear Grylls team were role models of what can be achieved in life irrespective of age. The BG certificate will find Pride of Place amongst my many others for many, many reasons. Thank you all for the memories
Roger Dickinson, UK
Just wow! I wanted to take part in a survival weekend for my daughters 8th birthday and this 24hr course massively exceeded my expectations! The instructors (Martin, Nicholas & Lee) were clearly enthusiastic in there chosen careers and dragged everyone on that course in to the world of survival! My daughter stated on the way home that it was the best weekend she?d ever had and I have to say I agree! Within 24hrs we've both learned extraordinary skills I?d never dreamed you could learn in that space of time! I could have done a week of it to be honest. I?d highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of adventure and an open mind to the reality of what?s involved when it comes to surviving in unknown territory!! An experience to remember and to definitely take part in again! My eyes have been opened! Thank you!!!!
Sarah Robertson, UK
The BGSA are an exceptional team of people and we cannot recommend them highly enough. They created an exceptional day which allowed everyone to challenge and push themselves whilst recognising limits and abilities - the result was a day that developed teamwork, bonding, fun, laughter, competition and increased knowledge. The instructors were open and approachable and went out of their way to guide and assist without encroaching. I would encourage any company to book BGSA at various levels of the organisation - I know we will be doing so again soon.
Tony Gibson, Romans Estate Agents
It was the best birthday present I have ever had. Every part of the course was so enjoyable and the kids loved it too . Thanks for a perfect day
David Osbaldstein
The 18 hour survival course is an absolute must for anyone starting out 'wild camping', or like most of us that attended, love the outdoors and want to try something new and challenge yourself. It's run by great instructors who have a big background in survival situations. After completing the course i now feel a lot more confident in myself in different situations from lighting a fire to building my shelter for the night or understanding the water purification processes. With the Astro navigation information and demonstration I feel pretty confident in using the techniques myself. We were a small group of 5 and had the bonus of a second instructor joining us for a short time. All 5 of us came away and straight away book a lads trip away to put some of our newly taught skills to the test! Massive thank you to Richard and John
William Mooney, UK
I didn't really know what to expect from the course but even what I got was a shock to the system. This course is full on, with the most professional instructing team I have ever come across. Get your boots on tight because it's an absolute whirlwind!
Josh Gregg, UK
We had a super fun day. It was all very entertaining and nothing super difficult or scary as some of the team feared when they discovered it was a Bear Grylls event. We only had one member refusing to "mud up" 😂 Quite a few of the team now have an interest in taking up shooting. 😊 We would definitely consider doing another event with you and possibly a little more adventurous next time! The instructors were super competent, fun and encouraging and every activity was explained clearly.
Anke Summerhill, Minotti London
Outdoor Team Building
The BGSA are an exceptional team of people and we cannot recommend them highly enough. They created an exceptional day which allowed everyone to challenge and push themselves whilst recognizing limits and abilities - the result was a day that developed teamwork, bonding, fun, laughter, competition and increased knowledge. The instructors were open and approachable and went out of their way to guide and assist without encroaching. I would encourage any company to book BGSA at various levels of the organisation - I know we will be doing so again soon.
Romans Estate Agents, UK
Bespoke Events
“From the start of our dealings with Rachel and the Bear Grylls Team I knew we were in good hands. On the day, they took charge of our large group and immediately made everyone feel like they wanted to get involved – which is not an easy job! Thanks again guys, lots of laughs and great memories made”
Julie Clark NetApp
Outdoor Team Building
A massive thank you to everyone at BGSA involved with the activity. The whole experience with you guys was seamless and I couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to arrange. Not only does the activity teach you valuable life skills but you can also relate back into your day to day job and not to mention it’s great fun. I will be singing your praises and recommending you to all of my colleagues. I look forward to working with you again.
Anna Moore - Virgin Media
Outdoor Team Building
Please can you pass a huge thank you to Anna, James and Jake for giving us such a great time on Saturday. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Amidst all the stress of our day jobs it was just great to switch off and do something so different and fun!
Julie Morgan, Marden Medical
Outdoor Team Building
The BG Survival Academy Team made for a great afternoon. They ensured the whole team were involved and bought together. Lots of fun and highly recommended!
Jo Hyland, GVC Group
Outdoor Team Building
I can’t choose a highlight. All of it was a great laugh! The activities were great and team-bonding
Ash, Trojan Training Systems
Indoor Summit
I enjoyed how interactive it was, enjoyed being in teams as well as having a chance to converse with others. Always good to learn new skills, will practice my knots!
Amy Causton, Keith Green Associates
Virtual Challenges
The whole session was brilliant! Anna and Jack brought something fresh to the meeting, loved going in and out to the breakout rooms! Really motivating session
Rachelle O'Sullivan, Keith Green Associates
Virtual Challenges
When we signed up for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy experience for our corporate away days we were a little nervous to say the least, however it turned out to be undoubtably one of the most memorable experiences for all of us. Each member of staff came away having pushed their limits, tried things they never thought they'd do, and ultimately every one of them had the most amazing time! Even those in the team who aren’t as outdoorsy as the others got stuck right in, thanks to the encouragement of their teammates and the support of the great instructors we had on hand. We're so thankful to the Bear Grylls Survival Academy for providing us with a once in a lifetime experience, which they tailored to our exact group size and needs. The team at BGSA made the booking experience a dream, and with the amazing instructors on hand we all felt safe, secure and in great spirits throughout the entire course – despite the rain! We'd definitely recommend the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to any company looking for a truly unique and memorable team building experience.
Ellie Charters, XLEDGER
Bespoke Events
Hearing from the bartenders themselves, the survival experience was an incredible day packed with brilliant activities and challenges, which was blessed by incredibly favourable weather!
YourGB Team on behalf of Highland Park
Bespoke Events
From start to finish the Bear Grylls team were fantastic. They were prompt and organised. Made the team feel at ease for a very daunting challenge. Supported us whilst giving us the freedom to learn and grow. They were extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I would 100% recommend them in the future.
Mental Health UK/ Lloyds Bank
Survive the Highlands Group Challenge
We loved all your staff members, they were engaging and friendly and the activities were interesting and well thought through. All in all a great experience!
Outdoor Team Building
Yes fantastic event, everybody really enjoyed it, and it was great for all the team to be together.  I am not sure that Jesper has forgiven me yet for making him eat a tarantula! Hey ho 😊  Thanks again for an amazing afternoon!
Claire, AstraZeneca
Indoor Summit
Across my 15 years in the corporate pharmaceutical industry, I have attended many ‘team building’ events, however the bear grylls ‘summit’ was one of the best, if not the best event I have attended. This was fundamentally down how the event was designed and more critically delivered. The mixture of team, individual, analytical & physical activities ensured that the session was inclusive for all participants. This created a highly stimulating, engaging and team environment. A big well done to Mark who lead the event with knowledge, energy & passion. The two & half hours flew! Having only just joined the business, I shared my feedback internally with a view of continuing to use your excellent services.
Indoor Summit
We really enjoyed the course, I loved every bit of it (and am actually starting to re-think my career 😉) 😃 Big thanks again and recognition to Mark, Frazer and Jamie! They’ve found a great balance of teaching us with the required seriousness where appropriate, but always keeping it fun!  Thank you for a great 24h and your help upfront! I will highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to do something like that.
Bespoke Events
I just wanted to message to share my feedback about the Bear Grylls event I participated in which was led by Nick, Damon and Ray at the Alladale lodge. It was an amazing experience where I learnt so many more skills that I thought that I ever thought that I would. Credit has to be given to the instructors, their team work, leadership, knowledge and supportive personalities made a significant difference. It led the group through tough times but it also built the team spirit especially considering the diverse needs of the group. Well done guys you make it an amazing experience.
Bespoke Events
This was the best team building experience I’ve ever been a part of - it was informative, fun and engaging. Mark, Ethan and Ed were amazing - so knowledgeable, inspiring and all delivered with humour. I would definitely recommend the Bear Grylls Academy for any team building or even if you just want to have a laugh with friends!
Outdoor Team Building
It was an absolute pleasure working with the BGSA team. They were fun, professional, and made everyone feel comfortable while participating in the activities. They were dedicated and intentional in building out an experience that was thematically consistent with the message and spirit of our film Arthur the King. The influencers and press who participated in our event counted it as one of their all-time favorite experiences
Bespoke Events