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Typically 4 hours


Our Half Day events are exciting, fun, fast and dynamic challenges that can be run over almost any terrain. It could be a large lawn area or playing field although the more challenging the terrain, the more exciting we can make the event! Undertake a range of survival challenges, inspired by some of the greatest explorers of all time and lead by Bear’s team of expert adventurers. Air Crash Scenario, Wilderness Stretcher Race, Navigation Challenge, Axe Throwing, Sniper Rifle Shooting and the famous Gross Eat challenge are all on the menu! These events are typically run over 4 hours and are a great addition to any away days your company may have planned. The events can be tailored around Learning & Development, Leadership and Management and fun competitive team challenges.

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Typically 6 hours


If it’s a full day of activity you’re looking for, then the challenges just keep coming! We can include a wilderness lunch for your team before heading back in to action. Choose from a Giant Knot Challenge & Sledge Pull, Raise the Flag, Spear Throwing activity, Whiteout on Everest Challenge or add one of Bear’s signature training stances if the terrain allows, by crossing a high ropes tyrolean, rappelling down the side of a rock face or climbing up hemp rope to a kesh of survival rations! The day will be fast, dynamic, challenging and fun and can be designed to accommodate all delegates no matter what their physicality expectations.

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Any time, any place and anywhere! Challenge your team to engage in the ultimate Bear Grylls Challenge event. Choose a location, the duration, let us know your aims, objectives and budget and we will put together a fast, dynamic, high-intensity Bear Grylls experience you and your team will never forget! Think rugged terrain, wild camping, real-life survival challenges and add helicopters, fast RIBS and just a touch of risk perception for this high adrenaline-fueled extreme experience! Train like Bear, move like Bear, survive like Bear and as Bear says, “Never Give up”!

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