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24 Hours

24 Hour Adult Course, Brecon Beacons UK

Have you got what it takes to survive for 24 hours until rescue?

In this intense 24-hour survival experience, you’ll learn practical life-saving skills, attitudes such as resourcefulness and calm under pressure, and push yourself farther than ever before.

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5 Days

Survival in the Highlands, UK

Do you have what it takes to make it off the island?

In this intense five-day survival skills course, participants receive a crash course in Bear’s extreme survival techniques over the course of two days… and then test those skills to the limit.

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24 Hours

24 Hour Family Course, South Downs UK

A combination of survival skills and adventure tasks that will put families to the test.

Designed to inspire fathers and sons, mothers and daughters alike, this 24-hour outdoor adventure has been created by Bear Grylls and his close team of experts, and is delivered by a range of hand-picked instructors at various locations across the UK, each with their own challenges of woodland, heath and water



The family survival course was fantastic and is a weekend we will not forget for a long time. Boundaries were pushed and I could see my children gaining in confidence as every hour passed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone! (24Hr Family Course, UK)

- Sarah Ouarbya -

The Bear Grylls Adventure in Victoria Falls was one of the best experiences of my life. It was an action packed, adventure challenging you just about every hour of the day. Guides Paul, Dean and Nigel were world class and made the experience that much more memorable and fun, gladly imparting their knowledge and skills and going far beyond what was required to create a great experience for all of us. Thanks to all! (Survival in Africa course)

- Craig Fairweather -

Incredible experience. It definitely "hurt a little", but I would not have changed a thing! The instructors (Josh, Jake) were outstanding - knowledgeable, supportive, and approachable. The course is harder than you think, but you come back stronger, smarter, and with a renewed perspective on what's important in life. It's one thing to think you can survive if you have to, it's another thing to put it into practice. I have no doubt that I could after this experience. (Survival in the Catskills Course)

- Dave Evans -

If I had to name the course in one word it would be: EMOTIONAL ...... Every feeling, sad, happy, cold, wet, hungry & tired all into one BUT wouldn't have changed it for the world I'll be talking about the whole experience for a long time (Survival in the Highlands Course)

- Anthony Bick -

Just got back from a 24hr adult survival course at Brecon, and although I am battered and bruised from head to toe, I feel fantastic! Thank you for the most terrifying, exhilarating, wonderful 24hrs I've ever had. (24Hr Adult Course, UK)

- Julie Stone -
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