Richard Mason

BGSA Instructor: North Wales

Experience: The world of survival has been part of my life since the age of 14, thanks to the inspiration of my PE teacher who formerly taught survival skills to the US Marine Corps. He took myself and a small team of fellow Army Cadets under his wing and my journey began. I kept up my skills whilst also qualifying as a PE teacher and later as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist, and eventually becoming a lecturer for these subjects within a leading Vocational Training company. I gained further experience in the Alps and Norway. On-going adventures fuelled by my interest and continued training in survival skills, lead me to North Africa, the Sinai Mountains of Egypt, and the smaller remote islands of the Caribbean. I currently work as a fulltime freelance instructor within the survival sector, and greatly value my role as part of the BGSA Team.

Expertise: Understanding what it takes to beat the odds and overcome adversity. The respect for the natural world and the acknowledgement of our limitations and responsibilities.

BGSA location: Lead instructor North Wales.

Least favourite environment: It’s all about perception and training. An environment is only as bad as you think it is. Practice objectivity, accept the conditions, and deal it.

Survival tip: My four pillars of survival.

  1. Faith - Be true to what you believe
  2. Perception- Learn to see thing as they really are, not what you think they are.
  3. Action -Do what it takes to get through, and do it right.
  4. Will power - Persevere, endure, overcome.

‘I can, and I will’