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"Everything I have learnt about business was first learnt from the wild – trust, risk management, going that extra mile, dynamic teamwork, & honest communication. There is nothing like trying to light a fire or cross a river to force you to re-engage some left brain initiative and right brain ‘calm in the storm "


Bear Grylls is a former 21 SAS soldier who went on to become one of the youngest ever climbers of Mt Everest. Bear has gone on to host more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than anyone else in the world. He is a man accustomed to pushing his body to extreme limits, and, while doing so, has shown us how to survive and thrive in almost every one of the harshest deserts, mountains, jungles and swamps on our planet. Bear is also a family man, a no.1 bestselling author, a BAFTA winner, the youngest ever Chief Scout and an inspiration to 40 million Scouts worldwide. Bear is also an Honorary Colonel to the Royal Marine Commandos.


The Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) is now offering teams the chance to take on the great outdoors and see if they have what it takes to survive together in the fierce world of business. Learn from our team of highly trained instructors how to make the most of teamwork & leadership skills whilst facing real life challenges. No imaginary chasms, no oil drums in the carpark – just real adventure. Now all teams can recreate some of the unique challenges seen on Bear’s TV programmes including Man v’s Wild, Born Survivor, Running Wild, Mission Survive and The Island.  Each event can be personalised to suit the team’s requirements and, with all the expertise of the team behind Bear, you can be confident that we will create the perfect experience for any occasion.



Our team building events are designed to push you and your team to the limit in a controlled, safe but challenging environment. Our goal is to put participants through a course of dynamic team development,, based on the experiences of globally renowned adventurer Bear Grylls. Events are led by our team of expert instructors who have worked with Bear and his crew in extreme environments all around the globe. Each unique challenge is designed to bring out the best in your team whether it be communication skills, leadership skills, management skills or simply rolling up your sleeves and mucking in together to get the job done. By the end of the day, participants will have completed a team building experience unlike any other in the marketplace … but beware – “It May Hurt a Little”TM.

Various locations are available, including hotel grounds/private land/overnight/Half Day and Full Day options – feel free to ask for a list of recommended sites.

Extremity Levels
Not all BGSA related activities have to be too extreme if you don’t want them to be.  We can design bespoke packages to suit all your needs – whether it’s an afternoon on the hotel grounds after your meetings/ conference, a day out on challenging terrain or an overnight in an extreme environment; we can provide your team with a great, real adventure!

Accommodation & Hospitality
Hotel/lodge/wild/rustic/glamping – we have something for everyone, ask our team for available options and a quote – or arrange your own and we can provide you with the BGSA experience to suit it.

Health & Fitness
Our team building events have been designed so that the majority of delegates can participate and gain the benefits of the team’s experience – talk to our friendly team if you have any questions relating to who can take part and we will be happy to give you advice.


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