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“An experience to remember! We covered so much in a short space of time including making fires, filtering water, knife skills, preparing wild food, making shelters, navigation and general survival techniques. The instructors were very passionate and experienced and made it really enjoyable. I can't recommend it enough and can't wait for my next course!"
Alan Barclay
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Have you got what it takes to survive in the wild? At the Bear Grylls Survival Wild Camp, you’ll spend the night in the untamed forest of Cabin Woods, sleeping out under the stars in a shelter you’ll build yourself. This overnight course teaches Bear’s own survival techniques, such as making a fire, building an emergency survival shelter, and water purification. You’ll learn to catch what you eat by identifying animal runs and laying traps, handling and preparing wild game such as fish, and foraging for edible food. By night, using astro navigation techniques and employing night vision goggles, you’ll make your way through the unforgiving woodland terrain, developing your skills in the art of wilderness stalking while learning how to protect yourself from attack.

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  • Each course runs from 15:00 pm to 10:00 am the following day.
  • The course is limited to 16 participants who must be aged 18yrs+ in order to attend
  • On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Bear Grylls Survival Academy badge and certificate.
  • All meals and accommodation are included and a large amount of equipment is on loan for the duration of the course, including: knife, mug, sleeping bag and liner, sleeping mat, rucksack and liner, head torch, water bottle, and all technical safety equipment.
  • As you would expect, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy courses are challenging both mentally and physically. So, in order to get the most out of this course, participant should be reasonably fit and healthy.
  • We offer a second location for the Wild Camp course in the South Downs

Please note: all activities are weather dependent.

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Criccieth, North Wales
Based in remote and rugged Snowdonia, our Criccieth location is an ideal location for unforgettable adventures. The award-winning centre is set in 30 acres of prime forest, and boasts skilled instructors and first class facilities.
You must arrive at Dragon Raiders Activity Park no later than 15:00 for a 15:30 start

These items will all help you to survive! Please note, all of the clothing and equipment that you bring must be appropriate to the environment and the time of year. This is just a guide and you may not require all the kit. Your instructors will let you know what to take out into the wilderness on arrival-any extra kit can be secured at base camp.

Items to bring

With ankle support

Fresh clothes to change into after the course ends.

…and don't forget a bag full of positive attitude!

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The 18 hour survival course is an absolute must for anyone starting out 'wild camping', or like most of us that attended, love the outdoors and want to try something new and challenge yourself. It's run by great instructors who have a big background in survival situations. After completing the course i now feel a lot more confident in myself in different situations from lighting a fire to building my shelter for the night or understanding the water purification processes. With the Astro navigation information and demonstration I feel pretty confident in using the techniques myself. We were a small group of 5 and had the bonus of a second instructor joining us for a short time. All 5 of us came away and straight away book a lads trip away to put some of our newly taught skills to the test! Massive thank you to Richard and John
William Mooney, UK
Wild Camp - North Wales