Get An Early Start To Being Fit!

October 11, 2019

By his own admission, Bear Grylls is something of a late bloomer when it comes to fitness. A friend pointed out that he looked better (fitter) at 41 than at 24, and when asked how he did it, Bear explained that when he was in the army in his early 20s, soldiers were encouraged to eat whatever they wanted in any amount. They were expected to carry heavy packs up mountains, and so whatever calories they could consume to achieve this was all that mattered. In other words, the focus was less on nutrition and more on training.

It should have been the opposite.

We'll share Bear's thoughts on nutrition in a future blog post, but as for his training, he maintains his enviable physique by following a very simple routine. Below we outline that exact routine where he completes as many reps as possible within a 20 second duration and has a 10 second break between each activity.

  • Pull-ups, overhand grip
  • Push-ups, right leg raised high
  • Pull-ups, narrow-hand grip
  • Push-ups, left leg raised high
  • Burpee to tuck jump
  • Narrow push-ups
  • Leg raises from a bar
  • Bicycle sit-ups

He completes 4 sets of each activity and trains for a total of 30 minutes, four times a week with one yoga session too; flexibility is just as important for maintaining fitness!

What we really love about Bear's routine here at the Academy, is that these are all easily modified for outdoors and are often included on our Instructor Courses. You can add another element to it by challenging yourself to complete this routine in the most adventurous/scenic place possible, and documenting your achievement. Are you up for the challenge? Be sure to tag us in any photos or videos!

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