All of our instructors are employed on a freelance basis, we have a lot of opportunities for work over the season. Last season we ran over 50 corporate event days and almost 150 days of survival courses, all led by the team of BGSA instructors. Opportunities to employ instructors for special projects and representation also frequently arise.
You need to be active and mobile as the course is fast moving and quite physical, but we always move as a team so, don’t worry.
The course is designed around a participant with no prior outdoor knowledge but is also ideal for experienced outdoor people or even outdoor professionals as its designed to teach new skills, revise skills and as an introduction in to the Bear Grylls Brand
No prior qualifications or training is required as this is an entry level outdoor qualification. However, its still ideal for outdoor professionals as it is a great introduction into the Bear Grylls brand and also provides participants with an IOL accredited Survival Instructor Award