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Meet The Team



Anita is our Reservations Manager here at BGSA and has been working with us for the last 3 years after returning from maternity leave. Although not originally a huge outdoor enthusiast herself, she can be found getting involved at corporate events (when she isn’t needed in the office) where she has the opportunity to put names to faces she can regularly be heard chatting away to on the phone. Anita is passionate about all courses we offer here at the academy and is generally the first person you will speak to with when contacting the academy.


Bear Grylls has become known around the world as one of the most recognised faces of survival and outdoor adventure. His journey to this acclaim started in the UK, where his late father taught him to climb and adventure.

Trained from a young age in martial arts, Bear went on to spend three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces, serving with 21 SAS. It was here that he perfected many of the skills that his fans all over the world enjoy watching him pit against mother-nature.

His TV Emmy nominated show Man Vs Wild / Born Survivor became one of the most watched programmes on the planet with an estimated audience of 1.2 billion. He then progressed to US Network TV, hosting the hit adventure show ‘Running Wild’ on NBC, where he takes some of the world’s best known movie stars on incredible adventures, including the likes of President Barack Obama, Ben Stiller, & Kate Winslet, Zac Efron and Channing Tatum.

Bear also co-owns and hosts the BAFTA award winning ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ on Channel 4, which has sold as a format all around the world.

Bear also owns and hosts ITV & CITV’s ‘Bear Grylls Survival School’ as well as Survivor Games and Absolute Wild for Chinese TV.

Bear is currently the youngest ever Chief Scout to the UK Scout Association and is an honorary Colonel to the Royal Marines Commandos.

He has authored 20 books, including the number one Bestselling autobiography: Mud, Sweat & Tears.

Bear’s latest live project brings the adventure to our doorsteps with the live arena spectacular, Endeavour, which sees Bear recreate some of the greatest moments of human exploration ever.


EXPERIENCE: 4 years guiding backpacking trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains. 3 years teaching outdoor education and primitive skills. 2 years as a whitewater kayaking guide. 2 years with the Collin county sheriff’s department. Swift water rescue certified. Wilderness first responder.


LEAST FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: Downtown in major cities

BEAR GRYLLS EXPERIENCE: I’ve been with BGSA for almost a year. I am the host instructor for YMCA Camp Cullen.

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: think ahead and stay positive!

WORST GROSS EAT: Brussel sprouts/ cave spider… It’s a tie.


EXPERIENCE: I began my career in the British army in 1995 where I specialized in adventure training instruction, a fully qualified military skiing instructor, Sailing Instructor, a Mountain Leader in both summer and winter conditions, Gorge and Coasteering Leader, a Rock Climbing Guide and trained Mountaineer Instructor. I have served in many locations around the world in both adventurous training and operational roles in several theatres of conflict. I am now a full time adventurous training instructor, Offshore and Remote/Expedition Medic and co-direct a private guiding company. I can often be found leading expeditions across Europe and throughout the UK.

When not doing the fun stuff I freelance as a Clinical Exercise Physiology Lecturer & Physio at universities throughout the UK & Middle East.

FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: Any, as long I’m outdoors, I’m happy.

LEAST FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: Don’t have a least favourite but things definitely become more interesting when it cold and wet.

BEAR GRYLLS EXPERIENCE: I am currently the Lead instructor for the South Wales Academies. I can also be found teaching subjects to potential instructors on the BGSA Instructor Academy. I have also have responsibility for reccying new locations, mobilization and training of new instructors in academies overseas.

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: Composure is the key. Stay focused and calm. This will help you make important rational decisions when under pressure.

WORST GROSS EAT: Jelly Fish!!!


NAME: Martin Norton

EXPERIENCE:  Martial Arts,Personal trainer, OCR/Adventure racing, Mountaineer, little rock climbing, survival enthusiast.



BEAR GRYLLS EXPERIENCE: Been working for BGSA since February 2015. Lead instructor on some 24hr Adult & Family courses. Worked on the 5 day Extreme Highlands courses, lead instructor on some corporates all over UK also worked in Ireland. Worked at all the Bear Grylls Survival Races.

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: Don’t get lost or Always backup your Backup!

WORST GROSS EAT: McDonalds or Locust


26 years old, joined the Royal Marines at 19 and went to Afghanistan in 2011 as part of Lima Company FSG. Completed a heavy weapons course a few years later and joined air defence before leaving the corps in 2013. A fully trained personal trainer James has completed his degree in sports science and is now pursuing a masters degree in strength and conditioning. James has been working with BGSA since leaving the military and has led events around the world whilst conducting logistics for two series of Bear Grylls Survival School. He loves to be outdoors and practice his skills learnt from his time in the military, passing on his knowledge to those on the BGSA courses.



EXPERIENCE: I am the Director of BGSA site in the Catskills of New York State.  I have been with BGSA since the start of the program’s US expansion.  I have had the pleasure of working with Bear for an episode of Running Wild here in the Catskills. I have been either a lead instructor or an assistant for the Catskills 5 days extreme courses, Adult and Family 24 hr courses, BGSA corporate events in NY, Las Vegas, California, and the Survival in the Highlands course. I grew up doing quite a bit of camping, hiking, climbing, hunting and exploring. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Adventure Recreation Administration.  My work experience includes managing high ropes/zip line adventure programs, corporate team building, wilderness trip programs, and a couple years of working with a US government organization as a Master Rifle Marksmanship Instructor.

FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: The dense woodland areas. I enjoy being able to educate the clients on all of the vast resources that are around us.  The temperate climate helps to give the clients a challenging experience with the warm days, the cool nights, and always a possibility of some challenge weather

LEAST FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: Extreme cold and snow/ice

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: stay aware in whatever environment you are in.  Aware of dangers.  Aware of Resources.  Aware of weather changes, and aware of your surroundings in general.  BGSA has some absolutely amazing programs and instructors.  I look forward to seeing you out there.  Keep on trekking…

WORST GROSS EAT: the Japanese Water Beetle.  Dead or alive, it was an unforgettable crunch


EXPERIENCE: Former member of The Parachute Regiment, served around the world and on operational tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq, and was in the first main battle group into southern Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. Boxed for the paras and became the Army Feather weight Champion. Upon leaving the paras trained in tree surgery and became a professional tree climber, before joining the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. A keen survivalist willing to push boundaries in any location

FAVOURITE ENVIRONMENT: British Isles, what a lovely island.


BEAR GRYLLS EXPERIENCE: Worked for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy for nearly 2yrs and have run 24hr courses, family courses, corporate events and extreme courses all over Britain and Ireland and has worked as part of the crew on Bear’s most recent UK TV shows.

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: Have a lighter – if that doesn’t work, use your spare lighter… if that doesn’t work use your emergency lighter! A good sense of humour will see you through adversity.



Communications Manager. Born in South Africa, Kirsten has spent much of her childhood outdoors, and enjoys taking long walks through a variety of terrains to relax. An avid photographer, Kirsten almost always has a camera in hand, and spends much of her free time in search of new exciting locations to frame the perfect shot. She loves being around people, and (we’re not saying she talks a lot but) communicating is certainly what she does best!


NAME: Matt Bragg

EXPERIENCE: Ex Royal Marine and outdoor enthusiast.



BEAR GRYLLS EXPERIENCE: I started with BGSA in May 2013 and assisted in setting up the academy in Surrey in company with Scott Heffield.
I relocated to the South west in 2014 and set up 24hr Dartmoor courses and lowlands survival courses. I’ve also helped set up the 24 hour courses in Colorado and California.

TOP SURVIVAL TIP: always keep a dry tinder bundle on you and a means of lighting it.

WORST GROSS EAT: Apart from Dom’s cooking in the highlands the worms in America were especially gooey and gritty!


I am Paul Gardiner, MD of  BGSA. Having grown up as a game ranger in South Africa at Shamwari Game Reserve I have a great passion for the outdoors and wildlife. BGSA forms part of the Mantis Collection, a hotel group founded by my father, Adrian. I am the Group Marketing Director for this growing portfolio of boutique hotels and game reserves spread out across the world (in fact we’re the only group with hotels on all 7 continents). BGSA is one of the most exciting projects that I have had the pleasure of developing with my team and we are so proud to be transforming lives and giving people the opportunity to survive just like Bear! Come and join us on a course somewhere in the world!


Rachel is the Operations Director here at BGSA and although the woods and mountains are not her natural habitat she can often be found travelling the globe in search of new locations for our academies and getting stuck in on courses and Corporate Events around the country. Rachel was lucky enough to head up launches of our courses in Victoria Falls, China & Las Vegas with the team. Rachel has worked for The Mantis group for the past 11 years and has travelled extensively through Southern Africa making the Survival in the Victoria Falls her favourite location ” The Falls is the most stunning destination with challenging features sure to put anyone to the ultimate test and we have designed the most epic BGSA course here – why not give it a go yourself?….. oh, and it may hurt a little!”


Scott Heffield has been involved in teaching and training now for over 25 years in a variety of subjects ranging from self defense training to high altitude mountaineering. His skill base formed its foundations when he served as a Commando in the Royal Marines seeing active service around the globe. He finished his service as a Physical Training Instructor, responsible for training Royal Marine Commando recruits, trained Commando’s and members of the Special Forces in skills ranging from specialist amphibious operations to specialist Commando skills such as unarmed combat, climbing and abseiling.

After leaving the Royal Marines he joined the Police Service and after a period as an operational Police Officer, became a Police Self-Defense Instructor, a Riot Squad Instructor and qualified as a Taser Instructor. During this period Scott continued to climb and was involved in the planning, organization and the leading of numerous expeditions all over the world.
Scott’s experience as a leader and motivator is well proven following operational active service, training and operating in extreme environments such as the Jungle, Desert, Arctic and Antarctic. Four full winters spent mountain training in Norway, fifteen seasons in the European Alps skiing and climbing, expeditions in the Himalaya, USA, and Russia and almost a year living and working in Antarctica speak for themselves.
Over the last 10 years he has been working on British TV depicted as a motivational expert for channels such as BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. Behind the camera he puts his experience to work with Bear Grylls as a rope safety expert, survival expert, stunt coordinator and logistics coordinator on shows such as Born Survivor, Wild Weekends,  Running Wild, Get Out Alive and The Island. More recently Scott has featured alongside Bear on ITV’s Mission Survive series. Scott is now an integral part of the team for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy with his main focus as Project Development Manager, he is busy travelling around the world in search of new locations, The Nevada Desert, The mountains of Beijing and the white water rapids of Victoria Falls to name but a few.


Steve Holt has been with the company for 15 years and is the Financial Director of BGSA, Mantis Collection and Worldwide Experience. He has travelled extensively,  swims daily and loves the outdoors – he is just as happy walking on the North Downs in Surrey, UK, as he is skiing down Mount Hutt in New Zealand. Steve enjoys the challenge of developing BGSA and the many facets of the Bear Grylls brand, around the world. He is known in the office as “The Stig”, due to his other passion for motor sports – he has attended Formula One Grand Prix in 11 countries, as well as the Le Mans 24 hour race, in France.


Sales Administrator. William Siddeley is the newest member of the BGSA team having joined the team in January 2016. William lived in South Africa for 7 months and whilst taking part in a huge range of adventurous activities such as Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking, Hiking and Survival Challenges he discovered his passion for adventure. This was all before graduating from the University of Nottingham. Recently William has visited Peru, where he spent time in the Amazon Jungle and completed the Inca Trail. He is extremely excited to share BGSA’s amazing courses with the world and relishes the various challenges they offer.

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